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Virtual Therapy NYC

What is virtual therapy, and how is it different from in-person therapy?

Virtual therapy, otherwise known as online therapy, or teletherapy, is just like normal therapy, except that you meet your therapist through online video calling.

While virtual therapy gained significant traction during the COVID-19 pandemic out of necessity, virtual therapy has been around for more than a decade, and is scientifically proven to be just as effective as in-person therapy. 

If you’re someone with a busy schedule and would rather not spend the time taking the long New York subway commute to the psych office, virtual therapy may be for you. Or, if you have personal accessibility concerns, virtual therapy from the comfort of your own home is an excellent choice. Finally, be assured to know that virtual therapy is secure and confidential, as private as being seen in our office would be.

Overall, because virtual and in-person therapy are comparable in effectiveness, the choice between one another becomes a personal preference. At Integrative Psych, we see patients both in-person and virtually.

Here is a summary of the pros of both virtual and in-person therapy: 

Pros of in-person therapy: 

  • Your therapist will have a greater awareness of your body language, which is a form of non-verbal communication.
  • Meeting in a neutral location, Integrative Psych, can be a space away from your everyday life. This can be more comfortable for some patients to share private information.
  • No technological barriers—you won’t have to worry about poor internet connection, or ability to navigate the interface of the video call application

Pros of virtual therapy: 

  • Saves you time and money from making the commute
  • More accessible, especially for those with physical disabilities
  • Your therapy sessions can feel more private—people won’t be able to see you head into a therapy office

Work with an NYC Virtual Therapist at Integrative Psych

Integrative Psych is an NYC-based private practice specializing in virtual therapy. Many of our clients are based in Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, Manhattan (Chelsea, Village, Lower East Side, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Tribeca, SoHo), Connecticut, Westchester but our therapists are licensed to treat anyone in the state of New York.

Integrative Psych takes a compassionate, comprehensive and holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. We will carefully explore your present life and early life, evaluating all factors that could be contributing to your mental health condition. 

When making recommendations, treatment may involve tailored medication and likely include a blend of therapy, depending on what works best for you.

Decisions about what treatment or treatments to pursue are made as a team, between you and your therapist. Once you have begun care with us, we will see you regularly to monitor your progress and make any adjustments necessary to ensure that you benefit fully from your treatment at Integrative Psych. 

At Integrative Psych, we are your premier destination for integrative and evidence-based therapy in New York City. Our team of experienced and compassionate therapists specializes in a wide range of mental health services, tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you are seeking assistance with psychodynamic therapy nyc, bipolar disorder nyc, high-functioning anxiety nyc, complex PTSD nyc, or any other mental health concerns, we are here to support you on your healing journey.

At Integrative Psych, we firmly believe in the power of mindfulness-based therapy nyc to promote emotional well-being and personal growth. Our therapists are adept at integrating mindfulness-based techniques into their practice to help individuals cultivate present-moment awareness and develop healthier coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

If you’re seeking NYC Virtual Therapist and interested in working with one of our therapists, book an appointment here.

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