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Postpartum Depression Therapy NYC

“This is an illness that takes away a woman’s ability to access joy, right at the time she needs it the most” — Dr. Katherine Wisner

What is postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression is a type of depression that can occur in women after giving birth. It is a serious condition that affects not only the mother but also her family and her relationship with her newborn.

Like other forms of depression, postpartum depression is characterized by feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a lack of interest or pleasure in activities. It can also cause physical symptoms such as fatigue, changes in appetite and sleep patterns, and difficulty concentrating. Additionally, women with postpartum depression may also experience feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and anxiety.

It's important to note that postpartum depression is not the same as the "baby blues" which are a common and milder form of emotional distress that many new mothers experience after giving birth. The "baby blues" usually go away within a couple of weeks, but postpartum depression can last for several weeks or months.

The cause of postpartum depression is not fully understood, but it is thought to be related to hormonal changes that occur after childbirth, as well as other factors such as lack of social support, a history of depression, and stress.

It's important for any new mother experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression to seek professional help, whether it's from a therapist, psychiatrist, or primary care physician. Family members and friends of new mothers should be aware of the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression and to encourage them to seek help if they suspect they might be experiencing it.

Postpartum depression is not a woman's fault and should not be stigmatized. Many new mothers experience postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is treatable, and with the right combination of medication and therapy, most women can achieve remission of their symptoms.

What does treatment for postpartum depression look like?

Treatment for postpartum depression typically involves a combination of therapy and medication.

Therapy: Talking with a mental health professional can help a new mother understand and cope with her feelings. Forms of therapy that may be helpful include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which can help a person change negative thought patterns, and interpersonal therapy (IPT), which can help a person improve relationships and communication skills.

Medication: Antidepressant medication may be prescribed to help alleviate symptoms of postpartum depression. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a type of antidepressant commonly used to treat postpartum depression.

Support groups: Joining a support group of other women who have experienced postpartum depression can be helpful in providing emotional support and understanding.

The treatment plan should be tailored to you, and it may take time to find the right combination of therapy and medication that works for you. It is also important your therapist monitors you regularly to ensure that treatment is effective and to make adjustments as needed.

Work with a NYC Postpartum Depression Therapist at Integrative Psych

Integrative Psych is an NYC-based private practice which specializes in treating postpartum depression and other mood disorders. Our clients are based in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan (Chelsea, Village, Lower East Side, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Tribeca, SoHo), Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut, but our clinicians are licensed to treat anyone in the state of New York. 

We take a compassionate, comprehensive and holistic approach to postpartum depression diagnosis and treatment at Integrative Psych. Here, we will carefully examine all aspects of the causes and factors of your postpartum depression. 

Decisions about what treatment or treatments to pursue for you are made as a team, between you and your postpartum depression therapist. Once you have begun care with us, we will see you regularly to monitor your progress and make any adjustments necessary to ensure that you benefit fully from your treatment at Integrative Psych. 

At Integrative Psych, we are your premier destination for integrative and evidence-based therapy in New York City. Our team of experienced and compassionate therapists specializes in a wide range of mental health services, tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you are seeking assistance with psychodynamic therapy nyc, bipolar disorder nyc, high-functioning anxiety nyc, complex PTSD nyc, or any other mental health concerns, we are here to support you on your healing journey.

If you are struggling with depression nyc, our depression therapists in NYC can provide compassionate support and evidence-based treatments to help alleviate your symptoms. We offer various therapies, including psychodynamic therapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy. EMDR nyc is an effective treatment for depression and trauma-based disorders, helping to process and resolve past traumatic experiences.

If you’re seeking treatment and are interested in working with one of our postpartum depression therapists in New York, book an appointment here.

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