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We offer a unique approach to mental wellness through Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy. Under the expert care of Dr. Ryan Sultan, our treatment is tailored to individual mental health conditions, ensuring a deeply personal healing experience.

What is Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy?

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) at Integrative Psych is a groundbreaking approach to mental health treatment that combines traditional psychotherapeutic techniques with the administration of ketamine, a medication known for its rapid-acting antidepressant properties. This innovative therapy is particularly effective for conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health disorders resistant to conventional treatments. Experience the benefits of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in New York with our expert team.

Our Process For KAP

Initial Consultation and Assessment

The journey begins with a comprehensive evaluation by our team, including Dr. Ryan Sultan. This step ensures KAP is a suitable and safe treatment option for each patient, considering their medical history, psychiatric condition, and treatment goals.

Preparation Session

Before starting therapy, patients undergo a preparatory session. This crucial step involves educating patients about the effects of ketamine, discussing the therapy process, and setting intentions for treatment.

Customized Treatment Planning

Based on the initial assessment, a personalized treatment plan is developed. This plan outlines the dosage, frequency, and method of ketamine administration, tailored to the patient's specific needs.

Ketamine Administration

Depending on individual requirements, ketamine is administered using various methods, we provide it intramuscularly (IM). The patient is closely monitored in a comforting and safe environment, designed to enhance the therapeutic experience.

Integration Psychotherapy Sessions

Post-ketamine administration, patients engage in psychotherapy sessions. These sessions leverage the heightened state of neuroplasticity induced by ketamine, facilitating deeper therapeutic insights and emotional breakthroughs.

Ongoing Evaluation and Support

Treatment effectiveness is continuously monitored through regular check-ins and assessments. Adjustments to the treatment plan are made as needed to optimize therapeutic outcomes.

Benefits of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Faster, Further,

Unlike traditional antidepressants that may take weeks to show effects, ketamine can provide relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety within hours to days.

Effectiveness in Treatment-Resistant Cases

KAP offers hope to patients who have not found relief with other treatments, providing a new avenue for healing and recovery.

Promotion of Neuroplasticity

Ketamine's ability to induce neuroplasticity – the brain's capacity to form new neural connections – enhances the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic interventions.

Holistic Approach to Mental Health

By combining ketamine's pharmacological benefits with psychotherapy, KAP addresses mental health from a comprehensive perspective, leading to more sustainable improvements.

Our ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in New York offers a holistic approach to mental health treatment, integrating ketamine with psychotherapeutic support to provide effective relief.

Emotional and Cognitive Breakthroughs

Patients often experience profound emotional and cognitive breakthroughs during therapy, leading to long-term positive changes in mental health and overall well-being.

Personalized Care

Each patient's treatment plan is uniquely tailored, reflecting Integrative Psych's commitment to providing personalized, patient-centered care.

Dr. Ryan Sultan, MD Senior Psychiatrist at Integrative Psych

Meet The Founder

Dr. Sultan, son of psychiatrist, is a dual board certified mental health physician who has made it his life’s mission to explore, learn and practice the many treatments for the mind and its troubles.

Dr. Sultan’s path has led him to extensive training in therapies ranging from meditation and mindfulness to practical cognitive behavioral therapy and deep psychodynamic therapy. As a physician, he has explored how classical and innovative medical treatments can foster healing of the mind as well as personal growth.

These extensive ranges of therapies can be effective for many individuals, however they often take years to get results and many individuals hit walls in their treatment—getting only limited benefits.

Dr. Sultan founded Integrative Psych to push past the barriers of traditional mental health treatment by using naturally derived compounds in conjunction with conventional treatments such as medications, lifestyle interventions and psychotherapy to heal the pain and struggles in our minds beyond what traditional mental health treatments can accomplish.

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Ethical Considerations

Informed Consent: Ethical practice in Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (KAP) at Integrative Psych begins with ensuring that patients fully understand the treatment, its potential benefits, and risks. Informed consent is not just a formality but a process of open communication and education.

Patient Autonomy and Decision Making: Respecting patient autonomy is paramount. Patients are encouraged to make informed decisions about their treatment, ensuring that their participation is voluntary and based on a clear understanding of the therapy.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Patient confidentiality and privacy are rigorously maintained throughout the therapy process. All patient information is handled with the utmost care, respecting the sensitivity of mental health treatment.

Treatment Appropriateness: KAP is recommended only when it is deemed appropriate for the patient’s specific condition. This decision is based on a thorough assessment and consideration of all other treatment options.

Monitoring and Managing Potential Risks: The potential risks associated with ketamine, such as its psychoactive effects, are carefully managed. Patients are closely monitored during and after ketamine administration to ensure their safety.

Professional Competence: The therapy is conducted by a team of qualified professionals, led by Dr. Ryan Sultan, who have specialized training and expertise in KAP. Continuous professional development is pursued to stay abreast of the latest research and best practices.