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Grief Counseling in NYC

“A thousand moments I had taken for granted, mostly because I assumed there would be a thousand more.” - Morgan Matson


Dealing with loss can be agonizing. You may feel like you’ve lost a core part of yourself, and are left confused, or stuck. Some people may be able to heal with time, or with the support of friends and family. For others, it may not be so easy to move on with life. Through counseling, a trained therapist can help guide you through your thoughts and the process of coping and recovery, so that you will be able to resume life.

What is Grief Counseling?

Grief is a normal human reaction to loss, whether that is the death of a loved one, or loss of something else special.

Other examples of loss can include:

  • Serious illness of a loved one
  • Personal illness/poor health
  • Loss of or change in job
  • Loss of a home
  • Loss of financial security
  • Moving or immigrating to a new location
  • Loss of identity

The process of grieving is different for everyone, and each person’s loss situation is different as well. The goal of grief counseling is to help you navigate your grief and its symptoms based on its own context. Ultimately, you will be able to manage your grief in a healthy way, and find a repurpose in your life.

How can Grief Counseling help me?

When you’re grieving, it is normal to:

  • Feel numb
  • Lack motivation and energy
  • Feel stuck and unable to make decisions
  • Be angry and easily irritated
  • Experience guilt or remorse
  • Be stuck in thought patterns
  • Feel depressed

Grief counseling can help you navigate the complicated feelings of grief. These feelings may include symptoms similar to those of depression, anxiety, and trauma, which can develop from the process of grieving.

While loss and the process of grieving is a highly personal matter, therapy can provide you with a safe space to navigate the process. 

You may also consider whether it may be better to simply forget and move on from a loss. However, for many, grief is a cycle of ups and downs. Giving yourself room to have feelings about the loss can be helpful towards recovery. 

What happens during Grief Counseling?

Initial sessions will serve to get to know you and your loss. You will be given the space to express your feelings and reflect on what’s hurting you the most.

From here, grief counseling may include the following parts.

1. Learning about the process of grieving

You will be taught about grief, including what symptoms may look like, and what moving on may look like. For example, the process of moving on from loss may look more like a spiral staircase than a linear path: though it may seem like you’re going in circles, you are making progress. You will also learn and identify how grief may evolve into other conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and trauma.

2. Expressing feelings

You will be given the space to talk more about your loss, and how you have responded to it. It is important to identify positive and negative ways to cope with your loss. Sometimes, it may not be easy to communicate feelings about loss. Writing down thoughts about the lost loved one or event, or speaking directly to the lost person as if they were there, may help.

3. Moving on and developing a new identity

Ultimately, the goal of grief counseling is to be able to move on in a healthy way. One element of that may be the development of a new identity and sense of self after a loss. That may be finding a new social support group after losing a lifelong partner, or strengthening a self-identity after moving far away from an original home. 

There is no estimated duration of grief therapy, as it all depends on your unique situation. Your treatment plan will be personalized, and can be adjusted based on your grieving process.

Find a Grief Counseling Therapist at Integrative Psych

Integrative Psych is an NYC-based private practice specializing in the treatment of grief counseling. Many of our clients are based in Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, Manhattan (Chelsea, Village, Lower East Side, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Tribeca, SoHo), Connecticut, Westchester but our therapists are licensed to treat anyone in the state of New York.

Integrative Psych takes a compassionate and comprehensive approach to grief counseling. We will evaluate you based on your own situation and come up with an individual plan suited to you.

Once you have begun care with us, we will see you regularly to monitor progress and make any adjustments necessary to ensure that you benefit fully from your treatment at Integrative Psych.

‍Obtain Grief Counseling in NYC today so you can:

  • Explore and validate your feelings due to a major loss in your life
  • Have space to talk about how you’ve dealt with the loss, and identify healthy coping methods
  • Develop a new sense of identity moving forward

At Integrative Psych, we are your premier destination for integrative and evidence-based therapy in New York City. Our team of experienced and compassionate therapists specializes in a wide range of mental health services, tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you are seeking assistance with psychodynamic therapy nyc, bipolar disorder nyc, high-functioning anxiety nyc, complex PTSD nyc, or any other mental health concerns, we are here to support you on your healing journey.

At Integrative Psych, we firmly believe in the power of mindfulness-based therapy nyc to promote emotional well-being and personal growth. Our therapists are adept at integrating mindfulness-based techniques into their practice to help individuals cultivate present-moment awareness and develop healthier coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

In New York, finding solace and guidance through grief counseling is essential for those experiencing the profound impact of loss. At Integrative Psych, our team of experienced mental health psychiatrists offers comprehensive grief counseling services, tailored to your unique needs, to help you process your emotions and find a path towards healing.

If you’re seeking Grief Counseling and interested in working with one of our therapists, book an appointment here.

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